Sunday, August 2, 2009


a poem of mine is part of the Pittsburgh edition of an outdoors journal called IsReads!

Here's Quakes,Revolutions on the door of James Simon's studio, where the Gist Street Reading Series is held. I'm frittered with excitement/honor to have my poem appear there.

here's a general article about IsReads in Poets & Writers. Pittsburgh isn't up on the IsReads site yet, but there's a Pittsburgh-specific Facebook page. I'm very curious to see where the other poems are... I think there are about 30 poems in total now posted all over the city. What a delight.

in other news: I am quite freckly from being in North Carolina for all of last week. No longer do I Victorian ghostie be. At the start of our journey we stayed on an inspiring farm. Later, I found a large white tooth on the beach.. everyone thinks it's from a dog, but I am choosing to let it be a mystery tooth.

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