Friday, February 12, 2010

Love & Ladies

I wanted to share this song with you by Emily Hope Price. I have been listening to it a lot in the past 24 hours. It is a perfect winter song. Although I don't personally know Emily, she has collaborated with my dear friendAnna Vogelzang, who is coming to play a show in Pittsburgh in a few days, right after Valentine's Day, which is perfect, because I completely love Anna. We've been close friends for five or six years now, although we've never lived in the same city. It's a long story, but the short version is that we fell in, what, creative lady love? When I was going to school in Boston (Anna's hometown), she was going to school in Pittsburgh (my hometown), and so we'd have these little overlaps on school vacations. Anna's splendid:

While on the subject of lady singers who I might just hug if I saw them on the street, I should mention also Christine Lyons (who's song "I Will Love You" has been stuck in my head for months) and Emilyn Brodsky. Anna has collaborated with both of these ladies (which is the only reason that I have had the pleasure of being exposed to their music) in various ways.

Exhibit A: Emilyn Brodsky singing my favorite of her songs, "Any Other Way," while Anna Vogelzang sings harmony:

Exhibit B: Christine Lyons & Anna Vogelzang's hilarious "Timothy Blackberry" "documentary music videos". I'm going to tell you, right now, it was really difficult to choose just one to post. But maybe after you see this one you'll go watch all of them. Or watch all of them again, like I just did.

As Valentine's Day approaches, Lady-singers, I choo-choo-choose you.

edit: Although I didn't know Annie Palmer when I originally wrote this post, now I do. She has been touring with Anna and her songs are quite beautiful i.e. she deserves to be included in this post about ladies who write songs that stick. Listen.


robby (once upon a book blog/fourteen years) said...

Emily+Anna+Emilyn=love, and I now love Christine. Valentine's Day=love.
Btw, I am responding to your email as I write this. Or, I will go back to it in a few seconds.

sonds said...

Just recognized the name Annie Palmer from a house show at my apartment in Chicago, circa 2007. She was quite lovely, and played with Brown Bird, who I think you would also love: