Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do your work, then step back...

I've recently become the poetry editor for Gigantic Sequins. Our reading period just reopened, and will close on June 30th; please submit! I've been having a great time reading submissions - haven't done any editorial thinking since being editor-in-chief of Gangsters in Concrete at Emerson College from 2005-2006. It's a very interesting position to be in, especially for someone who's been out of school for awhile (i.e. the impulse to give constructive criticism is stronger than my desire to give a blunt yay or nay).

The graduate school decisions have begun to roll in. Three acceptances, one interview, one rejection. Waiting on three more schools. Have heard from some programs how, having certain possibilities (and funding!) makes me more anxious to hear from those last few schools so that I can just make a decision already and begin to build a picture of what the fall might look like. ACK! So exciting.

March is flying by.

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