Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dancing through life

Some of you chickadees know that I was a musical theater kid a million years ago. Well, I think that kid was just sleeping somewhere in my heart, curled up sweet in her little pink tutu & tap shoes, but I listened to "Next to Normal" all night the other night, and now she's wide awake, discovering new musicals, dancing up a little storm.

Here are two clips from the original cast of "The Last Five Years," a musical where the two characters tell the story of their relationship - one from the beginning, one from the end, and almost never appear in the same moment. It's a profound telling - the mismatch of timing, which is ultimately what always kills relationships...

Anyway, Sherie Rene Scott and Norbert Leo Butz are ridiculously talented.

Also, in "Next to Normal," there was guy my age named Aaron Tviet and well, I unabashedly have a crush on him. He's a natural. A NATURAL. I'm sold. And I just discovered "Wicked." Late on the uptake, I know, but it's so amazingly cheesy, it makes me gleeful.


James said...

happy b-day. all the best, j

sophie klahr said...

thank you, James!