Sunday, May 23, 2010

SUN poem DAY

This morning my poetfriend Jason Kirin came over to help me with some poems I'm working on & thinking about reading at a benefit in early July. Jason's a terrific thinker and listener, and it's always a pleasure working with him as he edits in a completely different way than I do. It's much easier for him to toss around whole phrases & concepts in my work (he's an actual juggler too) than it is for me, maybe because he's not attached to the content, or he knows how totally I trust him; many of the great edits from our sessions have come from him reading a few lines backwards then shaking them together in a new way.

Afternoon was spent haphazardly looking for apartments in Houston via Craigslist, while reading the newest issue of Sampsonia Way, which is sponsored by City of Asylum/Pittsburgh, an organization that "provides sanctuary to writers exiled under threat of death, imprisonment or persecution in their native countries."

The air is lovely this evening, o lush air thick with the scent of dirt & plants --

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