Sunday, July 4, 2010

swiftly now,

... because that past month has been a complete tornado -- some summer enjoyment, some beautiful & fantastic experiences, and some getting hit on the head with the leg of a table caught in the wind; some moments of "Wow, how'd I get so high above ground! Woo hoo!", some moments of "Wow, ouch, great, I'm glad that I just broke all my ribs falling from that height." Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about:

1. Discovery of Robyn & how she dances:

2. 'Tis the season for Bubble Tea!

I love bubble tea like my cat loves french fries: crazy love. In Boston, I used to live near what I can only describe as an Asian superstore, with a grocery store that sold everything from fresh fish to ornate tea pot sets, that also had a huge food court in the front. The proximity of this superstore to my abode enabled a diet I like to call the whiskey-bubble tea-coffee-cigarettes diet. Thankfully, this diet was short-lived. My love for bubble tea was enhanced a year later by a summer job at Dado Tea in Harvard Square. My days looked like this: Wake. Coffee. Bike. Bubble Tea. Work. Bubble Tea. Bike. Go to second job at T.T the Bear's. (I am getting a little nostalgic about Boston here... forgive the tangent...)

Now, bubble tea is not a food group. It is a delightful, occasional treat from my favorite neighborhood Thai place, The Green Mango Noodle Hut. Three cheers for Bubble Tea. (p.s. if you are ever in Boston, please check out these linked places. You will be happy you did)

3. My move to Houston is immanent. This means that my apartment is in total chaos. I am trying to find good adoptive parents for my 10+ house plants, pack three large bookcases into cardboard boxes, weed out all of my winter clothes, throw away shoes full of holes that I kept hoping would magically be healed, figure out what to do with my furniture since I am not taking any with me, figure out when & what bed I would like to have delivered to the apartment I am not yet 100% sure that I have in Houston. Yesterday I cried, in public, at the mall. And I have been staying up insanely late trying not to sift through all the photographs & love letters of the past freakin' decade. And this is just a small glimpse of what's happening. Madness, I tell you.

Fortunately, in all this mess, I have friends like Jason Kirin who absolves my insomnia by inviting me to hang out with friends from 3 until 7 a.m. & then makes me smoothies & coffee & teaches me how to tie sailing knots & reads my poems on the fire escape. Thank god.


Randall said...

God, I love bubble tea. Food and drink, all in one. What else do you need?

sk said...

I'll tell you else what you need. Nothing. That's what.