Sunday, September 12, 2010

i take my waking slow

on shuffle, Placebo's cover of Kate Bush's Runnin'Up that Hill came right before Iron & Wine's "Lion's Mane."

I have been (gasp) social this weekend, as I was already coaxed out of my hermit hole for a Gulf Coast staff meeting. We start reading slush next weekend - entirely excited to be involved with a publication of this scale. A little bird tells me that a Gulf Coast blog will be live on October 2, so keep an eye out.

Meanwhile, in the shining world of Gigantic Sequins, our editor is reading over the proof for 2.1 while we do a bit of fund-raising. We're having (don't laugh) a raffle, which I am calling Raffle Me Baffle Me!, which is to say we are happily baffled and entirely pleased by the array of donations — from the likes of ModCloth,Tao Lin, and Wave Books - arriving for our up-coming raffle. Thanks for those who have donated so far! If you, your press, your band, or your craft, would like to be a part of our fund-raising raffle, or want to know more, please contact, or comment here with your email address and I will send you our editor-in-chief's mailing address.

And so, nous finissons, chickadees. Tune in next time.

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