Friday, October 8, 2010

Venti Latte vs. A Chance to Win a 2010 Wave Books subscription?

Gigantic Sequins (the literary magazine I'm the poetry editor for) is holding a fund-raising raffle (that's right, I said RAFFLE!) to fund our future adventures in publishing.

And what can I win from this raffle? you ask. Well, says I, a lot of neat stuff. And, unlike a venti Starbucks latte, which probably costs around $5, your $5 raffle ticket might win you more lasting treats from places like Wave Books and ModCloth. Check out the link below to purchase a raffle ticket, find out more information on the drawing, and to see a more complete list of our prizes from musicians, small presses, etc. So so so much better than a latte!

Raffle Me, Baffle Me !

For more about Gigantic Sequins : we live here :

More about Gigantic Sequins:
We're in the middle of our second season - issue 2.1 will be coming out towards the end of October, & 2.2 will be published likely in late winter. I'm excited to be publishing writers like Leigh Phillips, Jim Daniels, James Wagner, Jeremy Schmall, Anne Marie Rooney, and F. Daniel Rzicznek in our second season, and hope that some of you will send in work when we re-open submissions in the spring! If you are interested in submitting poetry, prose, or artwork in the future, look for our new submission guidelines within next month. Queries may be directed to

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