Sunday, November 21, 2010

A More Impossible Girl

There are, in fact, certain perks to spending too much time on the computer and being impulsive. These perks include things like buying cheap books at, and buying tickets to see a band who reminds you of a type of home, or of a time, or of, oh, maybe it was just being twenty, in Boston, loose in the world and drawn (stunned) by the theatrics of it all, the sexual tension, the narrative. It's been a long time since I've seen the Dresden Dolls - haven't listened to their music in a long time really either - Amanda Palmer's solo album has gotten a bit of play with me, but it's not as if, when I lived in Pittsburgh & she came through town on tour, I ran out to see her, jumping around & screaming rabid-fan style. Last night was closer to that. Seeing Amanda & Brian come onstage - I felt as if Mass Ave had just been painted in front of me, as if Central Square, and Harvard Square, & Anna & Becca & the Fens & Landsdowne St. & crusty eye make-up & being hungover on the T & drinking coffee & smoking cigarettes on Boylston & lady crushes & jars of martinis &,&,&,&,&, - all of it there, all at the same moment. I've been homesick in Houston. Boston's a home to me, and the Dresden Dolls not only represent a home but a whole period of time, a whole emotional landscape. Epic satisfaction last night. I loved the whole fucking thing, and thought I somewhat regret not staying (as invited ) to have a drink with the sound guy David, I was spent and perfectly contained.

Last night's opener: Girl In A Coma - this song's been in my head all day (happy to find this video, as it's the only one that does justice to how extremely sexy lead singer Nina is. I mean, JEEZ.)

and... I don't know... I'm posting a song from the Dolls that I had a crazy visceral reaction to at last night's show. So much love. I found a version of the song online from around the same time (2004-5) when I would have first seen them in Boston.

[Reminder to self: you enjoy going out to rock shows alone in hot boots & dancing like a motherfucker. This has been a promotional message from the committee in favor of living it up. ]

That's all for now, chickadees. Go dream.

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Robby said...

I also had a strangely liberating experience when I saw the Dresden Dolls a few weeks ago, which involved me getting very dehydrated and going a little crazy (much to the chagrin of my friend and also my mom.)
I don't even live in Boston and I call it home.