Thursday, January 13, 2011

at the lowest aperture / of winter

* Lykke Li's forthcoming Wounded Rhymes. as if knowing when to follow was just another way to lead.

* song of winter, Sharon Van Etten's Love More.

* wanting to see Wings of Desire again.

* I stepped on a wasp on the beach. 24 hrs later, it's astonishingly painful. Last time I stepped on a wasp I was six or seven and it left something like a scar, a tiny red star with a dozen fingers.

* Tomorrow, Texas.


Robby said...

Sharon Van Etten is one of my favorite musicians the past few months. She is playing in Boston in April, and it is of course 18+. A bee stung my belly button once.

sophie said...

Chickadee, I nominate you to be an honorary 18 yr old. Didn't you interview Van Etten, or am I dreaming? You could always write to her about a guest list...?

Robby said...

Indeed I did. It was kind of really amazing. Maybe I will do that as well. I would feel very badass.

joel coburn said...

you look beautiful. also, gosh, love more—that song! yes.

sophie said...

thank you, joel