Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh No ? Oh Yes!

Yesterday I received my contributor's copy of Oh No magazine. A great looking magazine for a first issue. While it's the habit of some writers to send young magazines writing they consider to be of a lesser quality, saving the big guns for more established publications, I have to speak up for the benefits of submitting work you really like to newly born magazines. They may, in fact, be more likely publish darlings that you'd be surprised to place anywhere else. I'm super pleased that Oh No has published my poem "River-heart Radio" which came out to 8 (count it, 8) pages. The poem is an experiment of 100 fragments after Michael Palmer, but that's all I'll say. If you want to know more, you can keep an eye out on the Oh No website - magazines will soon be available for purchase online.

Hope all of you chickadees are having a pleasant Tuesday. I'm off to a new coffee shop in the neighborhood to read Emerson. Houston is kind this season, open windows, the air with a slight warm wind. I'm filling my apartment with plants. It finally feels a little bit like I live here.

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