Saturday, April 30, 2011

So pleased to have two poems in the most current issue of The Normal School. (Saw it at Borders today!) Aannd extra-pleased too be in the same issue as D.A. Powell - great poet & teacher & a sweet friend.

From an interview with Gerald Stern, at The Rumpus :

"...there are hundreds of prisons—sexual, political, cultural. But being a prisoner also gives you impetus. The artist looks for a subject. You know, a lot of new poets don’t seem to have a subject. I don’t totally understand that. I did a reading recently at The New School for Best American Poetry; I published a poem there this year. Anyway, there were some very good poets at this reading, but there were also some who seemed more interested in being funny and making cute jokes and writing endlessly about nothing. It was narcissism, indulgence, no social consciousness, no sense of… We’re destroying the earth! We live in a country that’s governed by confusion and lies and that operates through greed and selfishness and cruelty. We’ve killed or forced into exile two million Iraqis. Where is the poetry? What are our important poets doing?"

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, chickadees.


Anonymous said...

I simply want to say that I find this post and your blog quite intriguing! Poetry has a way with me as no other literary form. You seem to capture the essence of what I love about poetry. Poems are nothing more than explanations of lives.
Tombs in which we poets bury our dead
And most of mine are long at rest.

Kind thoughts

MarcoPolo said...

This is awesome! What a great reason to get this issue.