Thursday, January 12, 2012

live the questions

I want to tell you about my friend Anna's journal.

Actually, I'll let you discover it for yourselves, but I'll share here some of the questions she poses, which I find inspiring. All of the below are her thoughts and questions. They fill me with a sense of longing and hope and challenge. Perhaps you will find a question that chimes with you:

could something else have been possible?

how does the specific body choose to carry out tasks and actions?

what is my body not aware of? what does my body not know?

what are the infinite possibilities?

what would it take for an unimaginably fluid, creative and adventurous 2012? what would it take for non-stop dancing, traveling and collaboration opportunities? what would it take for grand leaps of growth and expansion to all directions? what would it take for ease, space and lightness of being?

what leaps, turns, shifts, drops and changes are available for my body that i can't currently even imagine? what is the range of unexplored physical expression that is possible through the dance of frequency? where can i go from where i am today by dancing sensation, feeling and imagery?

hey universe, what would it take?

what does it take for an optimally available body? what does it take for a soft, open, empty body that listens and feels without thinking? what does it take for an unrestricted, uninhibited instrument of movement? what does it take to dissolve habits and patterns and make new choices, have new options?

thinking is such a drag. how to follow intuition, instinct and impulse without the necessity to employ the thinking mind? how about creation without conclusion, decision and judgment? how about doing it for the sake of doing it, always expanding further and not having to look back?

what are the chances?

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