Tuesday, January 25, 2011

flea in the river

My poetry reading/interview at Prosody airs tomorrow night 8 pm EST. Click the .mp3 (.pls) link to stream in Itunes i.e. tune in to see if I say anything coherent.

Just went over the proofs for the long-ass poem of mine that will appear in the first issue of OH NO magazine. Excitement. Next week is AWP in D.C. Traveling into the ridiculous cold = not thrilling. Seeing poet-friends I only see once a year = THRILLSVILLE. Even though AWP can be sort of a really intense mindfuck, it's also a great way of connecting & reconnecting & buying way too many books. Every time I go I get a sort of literary/social networking blackout, where I realize that I have no idea what's happened in the last 3 days, then shut down & eat some peanut butter & then very very gently begin to unfold the piles of scrambled notes & papers I've slung back to wherever home is at the moment. A little more about that soon, as I have something to tell you about Gigantic Sequins whose submission deadline, by the by, is at the end of the week.

Here below are links to people using the internet / technology to bring beautiful, interesting, joyful things into the world.

1) girl walk // all day. Dancing in the streets, or rather, on a boat, & then in the streets. Brilliant. Anne Marsen is the most naturally investigative & invested dancer I've seen in a long time.
2) Sleepover Shows: sweet online project of intimate shows shot in interesting places. I am particularly enamored with Emily Hope Price, but you knew that.

Happy Birthday tomorrow to two of my favorite people, this one's for you, the beauty that comes with age:

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